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Quarantine Fashion Trends

While we may be mostly stuck at home these days, it doesn’t mean we can’t dress to impress. It’s garnered a name for itself. Quarantine Fashion, or Work from Home Fashion, as it’s now being called, is the style choices and 2020 fashion trends that have come about as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Then let’s get on our at-home lounge wear working and learn how to become a work-from-home fashionista!

Say Goodbye to Form-fitting

Quarantine fashion is all about freedom! Loose-fitting and free clothing is going to dominate the fashion scene with a presence like never before. Baggy clothes, huge hoodies and the like may become one of the trendiest looks of the year.

Same, Same

Come the new fashion season, it may be the norm to repeat outfits. No more worry about wearing the same thing four days in a row. But seriously, if you have a favorite clothing item you like to wear back-to-back, this could finally be the time to let it shine.

Socks and Slippers

In past years, fashion icons were already flaunting socks and slides as their footwear choices, but now is the perfect time to take things a step farther with socks and slippers on the daily. This footwear choice is comfortable, cozy and cute!

Keep in mind that despite the dismal and dreary nature of the pandemic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will all come out of this with new inspiration.

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