DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors

The Siren Call of Pastel Colored Hair

Have you ever wanted mermaid, beautiful hair? I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a pastel color, ever since I saw a really cool and artsy classmate in my Aegean art class with pastel baby blue hair. I dreamed and looked up picture after picture of the color, but chickened out from actually doing it.

It was too expensive and it was too scary! But now older and bolder (and perhaps this is the stay-at-home cabin-fever talking) pastel hair colors are calling out their siren calls to me once again.

Here are 5 gorgeous DIY pastel hair colors that you can attempt at home and a brief rundown of how to DIY your hair pastel.

5 Gorgeous DIY Pastel Hair Color Inspirations

These are our favorite pastel hair color shades to try. What are your favorites? Do you have any that you’ve done at home? Share with us!

Our Favorite Pastel Hair Shades to Try

  1. Pastel Mint Hair
  2. Pastel Baby Blue Hair
  3. Cotton-Candy Pink Hair
  4. Pastel Lavender Hair
  5. Pastel Peach Hair

1. Pastel Mint Hair

2. Pastel Baby Blue Hair

3. Cotton-Candy Pink Hair

4. Pastel Lavender Hair Color

5. Pastel Peach Hair


Important Note: In order to DIY your hair into a pastel color, your hair needs to first be bleached and lightened to the appropriate blond, almost white color. This color will serve as the blank canvas for the dye to take in.

We recommend that you get your hair bleached professionally, as bleach is a significantly important and potentially hair-damaging process. If you want to DIY the bleach, please make sure to do you research online and use trusted bleach products.


  1. Apply Undiluted Color: If you opt to use the color straight, be prepared to wait a few washes for it to fade.
  2. Dilute Color With Conditioner: If you want pastel hair immediately, dilute the dye! Fill a bowl with about 1/3 cup of white conditioner, and add a teaspoon of color. Mix it up, and add color/conditioner to achieve the shade you want. Apply it as you would apply normal hair dye!

What you need:


Step 1. Determine how dark or light your pastel should be.

If you truly want a light, pastel shade, start with a bowl full of conditioner, slowly adding a drop or two of color instead.

If you want a darker shade, start with the bowl of dye first and then add a blob of white conditioner to mix with the hair color.

Pro Tip: Spread a small amount of the color on a towel, paper towel, or piece of foil first to see what color it will come out to be.

Step 2. Keep adding conditioner until you’re satisfied with the shade.

Step 3. Apply the dye evenly to hair and make sure the hair is well-saturated.

Step 4. Let it process for 20 minutes* (this amount can vary depending on the dye that you are using).

Pro Tip: If you use a great conditioner, then your hair will be enriched with proteins instead of just being stripped bare due to the hair dye. Keep this in mind!

Step 5. Enjoy beautiful DIY pastel hair and don’t forget to show off to your friends on social media!

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