Men’s Best Budget Styles of May 2020

For yourself or someone else, here are some budget styles to keep on your radar.

Crown and Buckle Supreme Nato in Desert Stripe

Supreme NATO - 20mm Black & Desert

This one has a noticeable strap that sets it above the competition. It’s soft, yet substantial. The edges have the unique quality of giving a sharp appearance without cutting into your skin. Great for the warm/hot weather look.

Raen Wiley Alchemy Sunglasses

These iconic Ray-Bans are iconic if less than thrifty. But still, compared to the regular price these are a steal. They deliver on the frameless bottom look while costing noticeably less than competitors. Hurry before stock runs out!

Bulova’s Automatic Military Hack 38mm Watch

Bulova Men's Automatic Military Black Leather Strap Watch 38mm

This is truly a heritage watch. The hands, the font, there isn’t a watch better for the classically-inclined. 24-hour time shows on the inner dial and it has a 42-hour power reserve. Selling out at Macy’s.

Asics Microflux Sneakers

Zoom image of Right side view of MICROFLUX

These aren’t the Kayano, but these are a lighter weight she that might just do the truck. They boast supporting panels running along the border of the shoe to make them feel like less of a shue and more like “socks on a platform.” Great color scheme too.

Keep on the look for more deals and recommended products in the coming month!

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