Top 3 DIY Keratin Treatments

It is a necessity to always have at least one of these top DIY keratin treatments at home because they actually give the results they promise. These products are especially geared toward curly- and wavy-haired girls who prefer straight locks and would rather practice their hairstyling in their own homes. A keratin treatment is a relatively new procedure that will always be popular in hair salon settings, but choosing the perfect product that can be done at home is not always as simple.

Thoroughly treating your hair will give it a smoother, healthier look than it’s ever had. Keratin treatments work differently on all hair types. These treatments have grown in immense popularity amongst the hair smoothing population due to the plentiful (and somewhat overwhelming) variety of available products. Specific keratin treatments are specially geared toward hiding damage, while others work simultaneously with other ingredients that will help with smoothening and straightening of the hair for a lengthy duration of time. Such formulations are often harsh, but they are also a useful way of straightening hair and saving you from constant heat styling that leads to significant harm. Specific treatments use natural ingredients, which also help to smoothen the hair and to make it more manageable.

No matter the product you may select, always be sure to have a friend nearby to assist you with your DIY keratin treatment and to approximate a great hair salon experience. We would only promote the products that are our favorites and that we believe will be yours, too,

#1: The Argan Therapy Set for Stronger, Smoother Hair

Moroccan Keratin Hair Treatment

This keratin treatment compilation has been made of an abundant number of proteins and amino acids that work together to eliminate any impairments and smoothen the hair in a single treatment. This formulation is made with argan oil to replenish and hydrate, and also with keratin and collagen to strengthen every broken strand. Reviewers have noticed that this product will cause the hair to be prone to some frizziness while enabling simple management of humidity. Because the humidity is more manageable, this leads to less breakage when styling.

#2: A Good-Quality Straightening Product

Keratin Research: Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

As for anyone who is currently searching for a home treatment for hair straightening, the photos of this keratin treatment say everything. These treatments are intended to take effect fast, without requiring that you leave it in for a long period of time. The hair will be straighter in appearance within a few hours or so, depending on the exact length of the hair, as stated in the description and in many Amazon reviewers. This treatment takes away frizz, hides damage, and gives hair a smoothness for several months.

#3: An Aldehyde- and Formaldehyde-Free Treatment for Straighter Hair

Peter Coppola, Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Formaldehyde & Aldehyde-Free

This is an effective option for a keratin treatment for any person who is seeking an alternative to a straightener with formaldehyde and aldehyde in it. Even those with fine hair types find this particular treatment to be very effectual when smoothening their hair and concealing any damage. This salon-influenced hair treatment gives a salon-looking outcome.

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