Upcycled Fashion: Catherine Aitken Bags

One of the most imaginative means of reusing clothes and accessories has been neglected. What I’m referring to is to making old clothing into something valuable and also fashionable. Catherine Aitken’s work caught my eye on Instagram. She works with heritage cloths as well as tweeds from her Edinburgh base. She also upcycles old tweed clothes to make bags – handbags, messenger bags, backpack, whatever you require. Moreover, her products are excellent upcycled fashion products.

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Upcycled Fashion: Tweed Bags

According to Catherine:
” I’ve been doing the Renaissance Collection for about ten years, developing carrier bags and handbags. Also knapsacks and in some cases various other accessories (toiletry bags, headscarves) from classic Harris Tweed coats.

There was after that an all-natural progression into making them to order. This is especially when it has been the coat of a loved one who has actually passed away. (These make up half of my orders.) It provides the customer such a solid psychological link to their brand-new bag.

I also make bags out of skirts and trousers. The last pair as you saw were lovely trousers that had been prowling in a wardrobe for two decades. This is ideal for any occasion, and the set has been made into two different bags.

Personalized Style

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It is mainly tweed I work with, it’s such a sturdy product yet I’ve likewise made bags from donkey coats, armed forces layers and jackets, and also just a few regular layers that the owners loved but didn’t fit any more I’ve also made clutches out of a bridesmaids outfits, and a collection created from vintage bathrobes.

Costs are from ₤150 – ₤250 depending on the personalization and the amount of natural leather used.” She also has an impressive collection of face masks.

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